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We are excited to release our Encouragement-Wired cards.  I read recently that regardless of a person's station in life, no matter if they are rich or poor, young or old, everyone needs a word of encouragement.  I ascribe to that.  

Every card in our collection is a unique creation and is created to offer words of encouragement, hope, spiritual inspiration, or genuine thankfulness.  They may be used as thank you cards, for wishing someone a happy birthday, to offer condolences, as a get well card to someone suffering from a sickness, or to just share a positive word with someone you know that could use something uplifting in their life.  

We hope you will encourage your family, loved ones, friends and business associates with our encouraging thoughts and hopes for their lives.

When you purchase our cards you are supporting our programs.  All monies earned from the sale of Encouraging cards will be used for providing reading development instruction, mentoring young men without fathers, and leadership development for young people in middle school, high school and college.

We, and especially those young people appreciate your support.

Mix, Match & Save.  Buy 8 cards or More, Get 25% Off!


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