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Say Thank You More Often

Gratitude may be the most magnetic of all behaviors. I have found that the more gratitude I express (genuinely) the more blessings and luck I acquire. Last year I was reflecting on some of the turning points in my life and I remembered Bill Webster. 

Mr. Webster was the vice president of a bank in my home town in Arkansas when I was in my twenties and exploring the next steps of my career. As a newlywed, non- college graduate with a government clerk's job and no connections in the community I had very few career assets to work with. But I had decided that I wanted to be a bank trust officer. Someone told me about Mr. Webster, the head of the trust department, so I made an appointment to see him. 

In securing the appointment I told him of my ambition and he agreed to see me for a few minutes at the end of the workday. After a few minutes of interrogation to determine that I was sincere, he gave me a book on Trust to study and asked me to call him when I had read it. Three days later, after devouring the book and listing my questions and insights from it, I called on him again. He was shocked at my speed and dedication and further tested me with yet another book. Again I consumed it and called back rapidly. 

In the meantime, my fortunes took a different turn, otherwise I'd be writing this message from a Trust Department. But I never forgot that experience. Even though I chose a career in training and development my views and attitudes were shaped in some ways by Bill Webster. So I looked him up. He was still listed in the phone directory and when I called he answered the phone. I asked if he remembered me and he said, "yes, I think I do." Then I told him how grateful I was for his encouragement at a time when I didn't have much courage of my own. He replied that my call couldn't have come at a better time. He had recently experienced a stroke and his physical therapist was on the way over for his first rehabilitation session. He thanked me for the encouragement! 

Please take time to say thank you to the people who have touched your life. You, and they, will be better off when you do.